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Tray Cutter

Suppliers of Tray Cutter from Robinsons The PM 30 will slice inside baking trays 30" x 18" (762x457mm) without scratching the trays.

The machine has been designed to cut products such as caramel shortbread, flapjacks, fudge, chocolate brownies etc all still in the trays.

Three types of blades are available to cut three depths 40 mm, 50 mm, and 57 mm.

The design of the “in-tray” slicer is based around the unique Modular Block. Each block contains the blades and spacers required to produce a highly accurate preset slicing configuration.

As blade spacing adjustments are unnecessary, inaccuracies due to human error, screw thread wear and cumulative blade thickness are completely eliminated.

Where different slicing configurations are required, additional Modular Blocks can be purchased. Changing the blocks takes only a few seconds saving considerable time and expense where different configurations are used on the same machine.

Another innovative development is the method of which the blades mounted in the Modular Block dip into the product without damaging the tray or blades. Once the blades have cut into the product the tray is moved by means of a pneumatic cylinder.

Suppliers of Tray Cutter from Robinsons

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