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Oven Bands

Suppliers of Oven Bands from Robinsons
These are available in any widths and lengths.

They are in carbon steel construction of Z47 (or Z47R) balanced wire mesh bands.

The Z47 is a first class standard band, used in large installations with a high output speeds of upto 30 Metres per minute.

Openings in the mesh permit an excellent air circulation during baking operation.

The Z47 has a wire diameter of 1.2 mm giving a thickness of 2.2 mm. Maximum bandwidth 1.7 Metres.

The Z47R has all the advantages of the Z47 with a closer weave, which gives extra strength and requires more heat and allows for a more intensive operation and they are long lasting. The Z47R has a wire diameter of 1.5 mm giving a thickness of 2.7 mm. Maximum band width 1.20M

Z48 or Z49 bands have bigger openings in the mesh, used for rusks and other “hard” cake baking. Gives a good performance when used for carrying rigid items such as glassware. The Z48 has a wire diameter of 1.3 mm giving a band thickness of 2.4 mm and the Z49 has a wire diameter of 1.4 mm thick giving a band thickness of 2.6 mm. The Z48/Z49 have a maximum bandwidth of 2.00M

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