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Tempering Machine

Suppliers of Tempering Machine from Robinsons Automatic Temperer

Chocolate couverture is tempered so that the final solidified product shall have all the properties of a particular crystallise form that is a good gloss, a hard surface, a good shelf life with the minimum of bloom and a brittle snap when fractured.

There are two types of Tempering Machines a Batch Temperer and an Automatic Tempering unit and we supply both.

Batch Tempering is done in a Chocolate Kettle, which is fitted with special automatic valves to allow water to pass through as required, this allows the tempering process to take place and the controlling temperature is usually manually set. The capacity and output are in a batch format and usually of low capacity 50-150 kg.

Automatic Tempering is a continuous process fully automatic and can be from 100 kg per hour upwards to over 1000 kg per hour plus as required.

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