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MacIntyre Refiner

Suppliers of MacIntyre Refiner from Macintyre The MacIntyre Refiner is the ideal chocolate machine for medium and small batch production, as it give a first class quality product, and is a four-in-one unit which eliminates the necessity for a separate refiner, cocoa liquor mill, mixer or melangeur and conche.


The final processes of chocolate making are simplified by the integrated operations of the MacIntyre Refiner/Conche.

All that needs to be done is
A feed the machine with the roasted, winnowed cocoa bean
B add sugar and butter*
C set the machine for pressure and temperature and leave running for the desired period with minimum attention.

* Milk powder or milk crumble is of course added to make milk chocolate.
Cocoa powder may be substituted for the bean if the disparity in fat content is rectified.


The machine produces a batch of finished chocolate in 8 to 24 hours. For the production of good average couverture the recommended processing time is 8 hours. Tempering is the only additional operation prior to moulding or enrobing.

Principle of Operation.

The MacIntyre Refiner/Conche consists of a water-cooled cylinder lined with thin bars of special steel, the rounded edges of which form a serrated surface. Other bars arranged in series and mounted on leaf springs rotate round a central spindle to grind the mix against the lining bars. The pressure exerted by the grinding bars is adjustable by a hand wheel, which controls the tension of the supporting springs.

The cylinder lining bars are easily renewable and the grinding bars are reversible, two provisions that ensure maximum economy in maintenance.

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Suppliers of MacIntyre Refiner from Macintyre
Suppliers of MacIntyre Refiner from Macintyre

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