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We can offer many types of new and used equipment including;

* Chocolate equipment including Enrobers, Cooling Tunnels, Kettles and
   Tanks, Refiners, Moulding Lines, Nut Cluster Machines, Temperers etc.

* Biscuit Plants including Mixers, Rotary Moulding, Cutting and Wire Cut
   Depositors, Baking Ovens, Cream Sandwiching Machines, Wrappers etc.

* Biscuit Rotary Moulding Rollers, Rotary Cutting Rollers, Wire Cut Dies etc.

* Vertical Bucket Elevators and Rotary Packing Tables (Lazy Susans).

* Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines with Multihead Weighers, Volumetric or Auger
   Feed units and attachments such as Zipper units, Stand Up packs etc.

* Sugar Confectionery Machines including Cookers, Forming Lines, Wrappers etc.

* Toffee lines including Cut and Wrap Machines, Batch Rollers etc.

* Rotary Hard Candy Dies for Uniplast, Super Rostoplast, Robust and C & M  Formers

* Rotary Lollipop Die Heads for Aquarius Machine etc.

* Horizontal Carton Erecting, Loading and Sealing Machines.

* Flaking Mills.

* Granola Bar and Crumble Lines, Cereal Toasters and Horizontal/Vertical Driers.

* Coating Equipment for addition of flavours etc.

* In-Tray Cutting Machine for Flapjacks, Cakes and the like.

* Bread Wrapping loaves in wax paper with end fold seal.

* Wire Mesh Z47 Bands for travelling ovens.

* Fondant Kettles and Bakery items.


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